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Stuart Evans


I have been employed as a technician /designer/ curator at Ceredigion Museum Aberystwyth since 1976 and am retiring in 2019. The list of projects below includes some undertaken at Ceredigion Museum and also with the Aberystwyth Printmakers.

I am an active member of Aberystwyth Printmakers, serving as one of the directors. I helped set up this group in 2004 and was the first chairperson. We now have over fifty members.

Exhibitions, study and collaborations

Edith Eleanor

Curious Travellers

Journey West

“Rivers of Gold,” International Print Portfolio and Exchange 2017-2020.

An Aberystwyth Printmakers collaboration:

An art/ science collaboration focusing on the history of mining and the impact on our ecosystems and water resources globally. Resulting print work appearing at Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia. Wharepuke, Kerikeri, New Zealand. Impact Encuentro, Santander Spain. Project Gallery, Brisbane Australia. Aberystwyth Art Centre, Wales. Arrowtown Art Gallery, New Zealand. La Trobe University, Victorian, Australia.

“Borth Begins” 2019

A community project in conjunction with Borth Arts group:

A project focusing on history of the village. Working with Borth Youth group, St. Matthews Sunday School, Borth Senior Citizens, Borth Friendship Group looking at the early history of herring fishing. The project culminates in a promenade performance in the village on August 31st 2019.

“Curious Travellers” Movement, Landscape, Art. 2016- 2017

Thirteen artist respond to Thomas Pennant’s Tours of Wales.
Funded by University of Wales Centre of Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies. 

A selection of contemporary artists read, walked and responded to a section of Thomas Pennant’s Tours of Wales Publication from the1700s. Each artist chose a landscape and produced work based on their experience of that place. The resulting work toured to various galleries in Wales. A publication was produced. My focus was on Cader Idris (I also chose to ride a horse!)

“Towards the West” 2015

Working with fellow staff at Ceredigion Museum we put together a temporary exhibition focusing on the in-surge of people arriving in west Wales in the 1970s.

This display of artefacts, photographs, music and personal statements resulted in a publication as well as the display. Fifty people from the community responded to the call for information. A symposium was held to outline the issues raised by the display. These touched on the changes to landscape and management, politics, language, and the cultural shifts in mid Wales since that time. 

“Journey West USA”: 2015

An exhibition with Jenny Williamson of prints, photographs and constructions at the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth.

This consisted of eight foot lino prints and drift wood ladders inspired by a journey made across the USA in 2011 together with large scale photographs by Jenny Williason.

“Hadau/ Seeds” 2014

A woodworking project in conjunction with Ceredigion Museum,Tir Coed and the Happy Museum.

Based at Ceredigion Museum this project engaged young woodworkers with forestry management, traditional woodworking methods and antique tools. We focused on the importance and relevance of woodland management, visited local woodlands, worked with woodland managers and held a symposium. The project resulted in the production of saleable items. We also create a permanent exhibition at the museum of antique products made of wood and carpentry tools.

“Maps and Makers”: 2014

Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth

Four Friday evening in November where, cross-disciplinary conversations about maps, landscape and art were held with leading academics, story-tellers and writers. Four walks were also organised in conjunction with these talks.

“MA study in Fine Art Printmaking” 2011- 2012

Aberystwyth University, School of Art.

I undertook a course in fine art printmaking. After setting up and being a practicing member of Aberystwyth Printmakers for a number of years I decided to gain a professional qualification in printmaking and expand my practice. I obtained a merit.

Projects which I instigated, curated and organised.


We Spirited Creatures

“We Spirited Creatures” 2012- 2013

A curated display exploring the relationship between humans and animals.

This exhibition at Aberystwyth Art Centre brought together taxidermy from Ceredigion Museum together with ceramics from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Working with poet Elin ap Hywel and sound artist Anna Evans this display questioned our relationship and understanding and our behaviour towards animals. As a result of this display a paper was given at Exeter University on the subject of animal and human relationships.

’40 objects, 40 words, 40 people,’ 2012

This community project was created to celebrate 40 years of collecting at Ceredigion Museum.

A display of forty object from the museum collection was chosen by forty individuals who each wrote forty words about why they chose those objects. The people who contributed ranged from our local MP to a Friend of the Museum, a young archaeologist to a visiting police officer. One of the museum volunteers photographed each person with their object and also the object in isolation. The resulting text and images were published as a booklet. 

“Harbour Voices,” funded by O2. 2010

A sound project outlining the history and development of Aberystwyth harbour which resulted in a ‘sound station’ in the seafaring display at Ceredigion Museum. Working in collaboration with Nomad Media, recordings were made of  Aberystwyth male voice choir, Cor y Gors, three academic historians, William Troughton, Michael Freeman and Dr. Gerald Morgan , actress Sue Jones Davies and folk singer Lynne Denman. 

‘Hafod Revisited,’ 2009

Part funded by the Hafod Trust:

A fine art print exhibition encouraging contemporary printmakers based in mid Wales to respond to the landscape series of prints made by John Warwick Smith of the Hafod Estate in 1790, commissioned by Thomas Johnes of Hafod. 

The exhibition included both the set of the original 15 print  (NLW) and the work of the Aberystwyth Printmakers. A catalogue of the exhibition was produced.

“Gofod/ Space” 2009

Boxed constructions exhibition at the National Library of Wales.

A gallery display of wall mounted constructions based on the idea of visual poems made with objects.  Working with poet Elin ap Hywel this collaboration was supported by the Arts Council of Wales. A catalogue was produced and sound recordings were made relating to the idea of collecting artefacts and stories. Installation work was undertaken with Richard Urbanski.  

“Aberystwyth Castle” mosaic project 2005 -2007

Nine local community group took part in the creation of a series of mosaic murals which were based on the history of Aberystwyth Castle and town.

Each mosaic cost a thousand pounds and the funding for each came from a different charity or funder. Working with young and old, physically able and disabled this project culminated in a days celebration on the castle ruins at a grand unveiling. The mosaics are permanently fixed to the promenade walls below the castle and remain to this day.  

Two British Heritage Awards were given to this project. One for the visual interpretation and one for the inclusion of the social groups. 


Hand Coloured Prints

“Setting up Aberystwyth Printmakers”: 2004

A group of like minded printers got together to start a support group only to find that one had already been formed but had faded. We were determined to raise the ‘phoenix from the ashes”. I was the first chairperson.


USA residency at Green Mountain College, Vermont, part of the Welsh Heritage Festival. 2000

I was invited to the college as ‘artist in residence’ demonstrating printing techniques to students but also displaying my own works based on Welsh landscape. This exhibition related to the slate industry of Wales and was relevant to Vermont because numerous Welsh slate workers had emigrated to that region in the nineteenth century.  

Hand coloured lino prints:

My print work, including lino prints, etchings and lithographs have been shown in solo and joint exhibitions on an annual basis. Exhibitions have occurred in various galleries in Britain and abroad including India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and the USA.
Works are held in private and public collections.

Many of my print images have been used to make saleable products including postcards, greeting cards, table mats, mouse mats as well as decorating mugs, paper weights and other gift items. 
These all promote Ceredigion Museum and Wales.