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Miscanthus Paper Meet Printmaking

A close Encounter between Artists And Scientists

An exhibition of prints by members of Aberystwyth Printmakers in a project collaboration with IBERS, Gogerddan, Aberystwyth University.

Miscanthus Paper Meet Printmaking
Print by Jenny Fell
Exhibition Panel 1
Exhibition Panel 2
Exhibition Panel 3
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Welsh Mountains And Wildlife

Art Works By The Williamson-Evans Family

An exhibition of Ceramics, paintings, drawings and prints by Jenny Williamson, Stuart Evans and Jonah Evans at The Welsh Quilt Centre, Lampeter, Ceredigion.

Williamson-Evans Family Exhibition Poster
Exhibition Poster
Jenny Williams Bowls
Jenny Williams Bowls & Plates
Gwenllian's Jugs Press



An exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints is inspired by a collection of antique jugs at Jen Jones, Quilt Centre, Lampeter.

Stuart evans at Jen Gallery Lampeter
Exhibition Poster

There are  77 images on total. I wanted to mark the way in which I have attempted to come to terms with the death of my dear friend and former colleague at Ceredigion Museum,  Gwenllian Ashley. She was seventy seven when she died.

Gwenllian was an avid collector of all sorts of interesting objects and was passionate about the beauty as well as the history of the things she gathered.  I worked with Gwenllian at the Ceredigion Museum for over twenty years, creating many displays and exhibitions. To describe Gwenllian as an instigator would be, for me, an understatement. She not only encouraged my artistic endeavours but managed to spread her enthusiasm and energy to many artists on Ceredigion and Wales. She also worked with Jen Jones at the Quilt Centre. She loved the old Welsh quilts.

More information about the exhibitions at the Quilt Centre here

Gwenllian's Jugs Press

Aberystwyth Printmakers

Print Collectors Club 2016

As Curator of the Collections and Exhibition Designer at The Ceredigion Museum, much of Stuart’s artistic output reflects his curiosity and knowledge of local history, which not surprisingly  is closely associated with maritime history, boat building, shipping and trading. Inspired by the tremendous range of artifacts at the museum, Stuart is perhaps best known for his black and white hand-coloured linocuts of boasts. Based upon some of the superb models and paintings to be found at the museum, these colourful prints help to narrate some of the epic journeys made by these vessels, their captains and crew.

Broken and Damaged at Bronglais Hospital

Bronglais Hospital

Aberystwyth from 15th January until 9th April 2018.

"When something we value is broken or damaged what do we do with it?"
"Fourteen images of ceramics, that are still valued"
Stuart Evans will be showing Broken and damaged, his watercolours, etching, and lino print works at the dining room display, Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth from 15th January until 9th April 2018.